Why is Yeoman getting popular? What all can a developer do with it?

Why is Yeoman getting popular? What all can a developer do with it?

Yeoman is an open sourced web development tool that has unleashed a new wave for developers. Today, in the web app world there is a current trend of using development tools that provide application framework. Yeoman is a web tool that embodies the current trend of the Indus try, and takes it to the next level! If you are a developer at any stage of experience this tool will come as a delightful surprise. Without a doubt this is one of the best innovations to come to web development in a long time. Since the Google/IO release of Yeoman in 2012, it has been regarded as an innovative step forward into the future of web developing.

There is a significant amount of excitement around Yeoman due to the streamlined experience of their less complicated take on modern webapp development. Essentially, the pace at which you can create anything from a simple project to a high caliber web application is impressively quick! In addition to that, Yeoman also allows you to automate the common cumbersome tasks of web developing. This is a development tool that packs a ton of awesome stuff in one package. You can build beautiful and bold designs unlike ever before. Yeoman has a host of features(many of them are open sourced) that are developer-friendly and make the process of developing a high quality web app less of a hassle.

For starters, Yeoman is comprised of “yo” and his helpful partners “Grunt” and “Bower.” These three tools are at the core of the Yeoman experience and enable the application to work at a speedy yet highly effective pace. The first tool “yo” is a web scaffolding tool, yo is a generator that prescribes scribes most of the work for you using tools and best practices to increase fluidity and productivity. The second is “Bower” which is a package manager that allows you to seamlessly multitask and manage all your projects dependencies. The last of the three core tools is “Grunt” which is essentially a task based command line tool for Javascript projects. Yeoman provides linting, quick and easy operation of essentials like coffeescript and sass/scss, CDNifying and automated JS/CSS.

Overall, it is likely to decrease your front end/back end workload, solving a lot of your time consuming problems. Yeoman acts as a kick starter generating infrastructures that get you up to speed on projects. All of the frustration and hours spent dealing with the intricacies of web building have been cut in half and your workload has been modernized with a “made simple” approach. One of the stand outs with this application is that work flow is more consistent. Yeoman really lets you get right down to writing code through optimizing a lot of the repetitiveness of web building.

Many skeptics feel like Yeoman may be a bit too much to process and an intimidating tool to wrap their heads around. Yeoman attests that they optimize the building process, making the experience efficient, simpler and overall more enjoyable. Google assures that the configuration process and the maintenance of the important “nuts and bolts” of web application are streamlined and made easy, this has never been done before to this level. What Yeoman does exceptionally well is serve as an automating tool, automation equals happiness for the developer. You are now backed by an experienced community of developers who save you time and frustration by alleviating you from many of the technical tasks that stagnate the creative process of web app building.

Yeoman also brings swagger and a popularity among the community that most development companies don’t experience; it is quickly becoming the People’s Champion and go-to tool for web development.

If you are still wondering why Yeoman is garnering the attention and praise from the developer community, the answer is simple – Yeoman embodies efficiency and accessibility. One thing is for sure, Yeoman is a step forward towards the future of web app development. “Work Less, Do More, and Make Awesome” is a quote from Addy Osmani who is a Developers Programmer Engineer at Google. This is what Yeoman stands for in the developer community.

By deciding to use Yeoman you are saying that you want more control at your hands. This is an application geared toward making the lives easier of the novice developer and the expert, while ensuring your overall creative experience is more enjoyable and efficient no matter how simple or complex the project is. Beyond the initial factors that make Yeoman popular today, what should be noted is its ability to enable the user to be more creative. With so much of the workload time reduced due to the streamlined process, Yeoman is more flexible, allowing you to do things at a fluid pace not quite seen to this level before. Improving productivity and creativity is what brings Yeoman to the forefront.

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