What’s the difference between Hadoop 1.x and Hadoop 2.x?

HDFS federation brings important measures of scalability and reliability to Hadoop. YARN, the other major advance in Hadoop 2, brings significant performance improvements for some applications, supports additional processing models, and implements a more flexible execution engine.

YARN is a resource manager that was created by separating the processing engine and resource management capabilities of MapReduce as it was implemented in Hadoop 1. YARN is often called the operating system of Hadoop because it is responsible for managing and monitoring workloads, maintaining a multi-tenant environment, implementing security controls, and managing high availability features of Hadoop.

Like an operating system on a server, YARN is designed to allow multiple, diverse user applications to run on a multi-tenant platform. In Hadoop 1, users had the option of writing MapReduce programs in Java, in Python, Ruby or other scripting languages using streaming, or using Pig, a data transformation language. Regardless of which method was used, all fundamentally relied on the MapReduce processing model to run.

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