How do you serve a page with content in multiple languages?

How do you serve a page with content in multiple languages?

To serve a page with content in multiple languages, there are four steps:

1.You must have translated/localized pages on the server for each language you intend to support.
2.Your server must recognize the browser’s language request.
3.You must carefully name the files for the localized pages, so the server has a systematic way of locating them.
4.You need a method for serving a generic page when you don’t have the requested language.

The browser writes a value for the Accept-Language request header field that it sends to the web server. You can set this value in Preferences (Mozilla) or Internet Options (Internet Explorer). If you choose multiple languages, they are sent to the server as a comma-delimited list in your preferred order.

Deciding which page to serve is called content negotiation. Tim Berners-Lee’s discussion of generic web pages and their language variants describes two different naming conventions, and The Apache Web Server 2.0 compiles in content negotiation (the mod_negotiation module) by default. It postpends the two-letter language code to the URL and looks for files to serve. For example, if you set your browser preferred language to French and browse to, an Apache server would look for the file

Web servers do not normally handle multi-lingual requests automatically. The web server must have multiple language versions of a web page in order to serve them. It needs to know how the language-variant web pages are named. Besides naming them with a URI (, it may be possible to transmit the language variance as metadata in the HTTP header. This is the direction of the WebDAV protocol being developed by the IETF.

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