Full Stack Development is a Myth

Why full stack developer is a myth?

Full stack developer is one who specializes in everything from front-end to back-end; to a developer who has a general knowledge in all steps from concept to finished product; with a virtually unattainable skill set. Up until few years ago, full stack developers were enough to tackle the whole project from start to finish as there weren’t much emphasis on UI (Web & Mobile). But with new technologies emerging, pushing the limits of virtually all areas of software technologies from full stack developers is a myth.

Reasons why Fullstack is myth:

  • With enhanced browser features, today many sr. Management architects have been pushing developers to shift to client side solution to build rich web apps.
  • And also backend is wrapped in the form of SOA architecture using Rest services.
  • More and more single page apps are coming into existence.
  • High volume websites are looking towards node.js to handle their backend processes.

Handling these entire technology stacks has become virtually impossible to find a skilled person with every facet of project development. If you are not using one, you are either not building a cutting edge technology application or you are just missing out on something. Each facet of new emerging technology was so complex that a specialist was often required, sometimes one for different tiers (e.g. front-ends, databases, application servers, etc.)

Full stack developers what they lack:

Full Stack Development

Many Sr.Managers have the opinion that Full stack developer’s work toward a singular goal to either design or develop a site. They found to be always scary smart, and scary employable. Few companies in Los Angeles and other Bay area’s also found that not all full stack developers are aspiring programmers, some simply looking to add a skill. There are also the entrepreneurs who noticed them to broaden their experience to different contexts rather than deepening their experience in the same context learning more fundamental and transferable skills. At times, 60% time was spent to try out their best to make that project happen.

The Full-Stack Market:

The challenge most companies face is committing themselves to the desired outcome they like to have. As soon the project begins, obstacles and hurdles come up, many start-ups companies look for full stack developers and unfortunately they are ending up the project with less productivity. It might be a great way to cut costs, especially in the beginning stages of a business, but does not work at a corporate level. Hiring the right people for your start-up is essential, but conducting the process efficiently is just as important. Very large and profitable companies gather experts from each field in their teams with a view to create the best-ever-possible web products of the world.

UI developers focus on various design constraints such as different browsers, resolutions, and different interaction methods. They put together the principles of design to create rich and intuitive site. Whereas backend developers focus on running a site effectively , working with languages specific to the web like Java, PHP, ASP, Ruby, Python, etc. They concentrate much on programming concepts and concerns, like security and structure. All of differences are two very different jobs and roles. They have different viewpoints, which aren’t suited to critical projects. But rather can perform at reasonable level at all necessary layers to make the project development happen.

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