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Why should Django be used for web development?

Django should be used for web development because of the following reasons:

  • It allows dividing code module into logical groups to make it flexible to change.
  • To easy the website administration, it provides auto-generated web admin module.
  • It provides pre-packaged API for common user tasks.
  • It enables to define what should be URL for given function.
  • It enables to separate business logic from the HTML.
  • Everything is written in Python programming language.
  • It gives you template system to define HTML template for your web page to avoid code duplication


Top 5 Reasons Why Every Programmer Should Learn Python

Python is one the finest programming languages ever developed. It involves simple English that makes it easy to remember as well as write commands. The codes are easy to read and it can be used in very complex tasks such as AI development. In this article, we are going to mention 5 reasons why every Programmer should learn python.


Python is very simple and easy to learn. It is a very powerful language and it closely bear a resemblance to the English language! Python is just like Javascript, Java, C#, C++, Ruby and other main-programming languages, it is an objected-oriented language. Therefore, if you want to become software developer then learning Python language will assist you to adapt to other environments easily. By learning Python code, you can establish a solid base for learning programming.


Programmers are using Python to enhance scientific programming. Researchers can use now numerical computation engines for python. They can now unravel complex calculations by single-import statements which are then followed by a function call. Python language is flexible, it is faster and provides many functions for machine learning. Researchers progressively preferring using Python and shortly it will control the machine-learning landscape.


Data science and python skills are increasingly in demand as businesses advance in fields of artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced data analytics, whether its forecasting budgets or teaching machines to recognize images using sophisticated algorithms.


Python offers numerous choices to choose from while web programming. Python has a line-up of the framework set for developing websites. They include Pylons, Zope2,, Django, and TurboGears though Django is the most chosen and popular framework for python development. What makes Python exceptional is that the coding program takes the shortest time when you use Python not like in the case of PHP that takes hours to get completed.


Python is the perfect choice for start-ups. With Python, you will be able to code quicker and build complex applications using minimal code lines. When it comes to start-ups world, it is important to move fast from idea to implement. Therefore, it is suggested to learn Python. In addition, it can be useful as a supporting service or partly as a core product.


Top 3 Websites and Why?

Now-a-days the internet is home for millions of websites around the world, but some websites are visited most frequently and they become popular websites. In this article, we have scoured the internet and we brought you the top most popular websites around the world. People use websites for improving their knowledge, development, shopping, social media, and entertainment. Major criteria for selecting top three websites include feedback received from millions of internet users, direct measurement of web traffic and scanning of public websites by web crawlers. Yahoo, Amazon, and YouTube are reported to be the top three websites of today. So, explore this topic and know about the most popular websites of today.

Yahoo! is probably one of the best search engine in the contemporary era. What makes Yahoo! extremely popular among internet users is the fact that it is perfectly made for website and search engine optimization. Since, 2013 Yahoo ranks as the most-visited website in the US. According to the new data from analytics firm ComScore, Yahoo! had more than 195 million unique visitors from desktop computers. There are so many factors in the list that made Yahoo! most popular. The web portal provides content including the latest news, current affairs, entertainment, sports, and it also gives users quick services for other Yahoo! services like “Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Groups, and Yahoo! Messanger” etc. Yahoo! also provides services globally in more than 20 languages. It also provides social networking services and user generated content such as, “Yahoo! Personals, Yahoo! Flick, Yahoo! Buzz”. Yahoo! also partnered with hundreds of leading content providers to present media content, news, and information. Other than that Yahoo! Inc also provides services called Yahoo! Answers, where users can ask their questions and also they can express their opinions. And also visitors, can answer others questions. It also allows the visitors to give the ratings for the best answers which automatically comes on the top. Yahoo! Also offers mobile services for emailing, instant messaging, and mobile blogging.

Let’s talk about the second most popular website:

Amazon: is a company that is tied up with the phenomenon called e-commerce. The founder of the company Jeff Bezos broke the rules of the book business by using the internet rather than using conventional news channels. The company has grown from a basic bookseller to a virtual Wallmart of the web selling products, which consists of a varied range of products like music CD’s, office products, toys, games, electronic goods, hardware, software, food, cookware, apparel, health products, and much more. The company has also grown at an enormous rate.

Sources of competitive advantage: Maintaining and elaborating operational efficiencies is the key to a sustainable competitive advantage of The ability to offer shopping convenience, wide selection, ease of navigation, discounted pricing, and reliability of order fulfillment are all tied up directly to the company’s logistical competencies. also aims to ship 95% of their products on the ordered date.’s market success totally depends on its ability to maintain and grow it’s customers base by knowing and serving the customers better than its competitors and providing a higher level value added differentiation in customer service. The value added services, delivery of products, quality, and reliability made amazon, the users first choice.

The third most popular website on the internet:

Youtube: The reason for the huge popularity of Youtube is because, a user can learn various things by just watching a simple video. People can choose from an unlimited number of videos available and YouTube allows registered members to post an unlimited number of videos on their website. Registering for a YouTube account is free and it will take only a few minutes. It is relatively easy to upload videos in YouTube and it is one of the major reasons for its popularity. According to a new study by Finland’s Aalto University, music is the most popular YouTube content by several measures.

Lyrics and still videos rank highly in YouTube search results and analysis by Aalto University found three primary music video types including traditional, user appropriated and derivative music videos. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of YouTube content indicates the support they receive from the audience. YouTube users are happy with music with rolling lyrics, cover versions and parodies of authenticated content. YouTube has experienced explosive years of growth and average visit times of YouTube at mobile are at 40 minutes at a session. Changing digital behaviour among youngsters is pointed as the major reason behind the popularity of YouTube.

YouTube also grows into a social network on its own and available statistics indicates that Google-owned YouTube is the second most used app in the USA with over 977 million users. YouTube permits users to make use of WebM, H.264, MPEG-4 AVC, and Adobe Flash Video technology to display a variety of user-generated and corporate video. YouTube has created a new era of history in video hosting service arena and “broadcast you” is relevant and meaningful motto of them. YouTube offers a new world of visual elegance showcased in a colourful palette to their viewers.

Final Thought:

In the ultra-competitive world of Internet, many websites have come and gone over the years. The above listed top three websites in the world have remained virtually unchanged for quite a while now.


Go Programming on the Rise
The Next Generation of Communication

Go is an open sourced programming language (notably referred to as “Golang”), that was created by Google Inc. in 2009. Go, like other programming language tools, is used to design a proper framework to communicate operating instructions to your computer. What makes Go stand out from it’s competition is it’s ability to simplify the complexities of writing programs in a very fluid way.

Why Go For Go?

At its core, Go is very user friendly. This lang is concise, expressive, readable and garbage collected, which will come in handy when dealing with concurrent programming. Go programs are fast; you can compile and run a program faster than some interpreters. Typical build times for Go programs are leaps and bounds ahead of it’s competitors due to the dependency management of large programs. Go has a clean dependency model built in the language that streamlines the experience and makes the language much more efficient.

In addition to that, “Golang” is open sourced and pulls resources from a large environment of dedicated contributors and developers within it’s community. Go programming was developed by Google to handle the mass scale of programming at the company. Google has stated that they created Go “out of a sense of frustration with the existing systems for programming”. The existing systems that are most commonly used by developers (C++ & Java) did not possess the fluidity and ease of construction that Google would have liked.

Sameer Ajimani of Google was quoted saying that “programming had become too difficult and the choice of languages was partly to blame. One had to choose either efficient compilation, efficient execution, or ease of programming; all three were not available in the same mainstream language”.

Today, people around the world from novice to professional backgrounds are starting up projects using Go. Go’s mission is to provide a tool that enhances programming language with “simple, easy to build and reliable software”.

If you are asking yourself why switch over to another language and use Go, well here are some points to consider.

  • First, statically typed languages are efficient, but typically bureaucratic and overly complex.
  • Second, dynamic languages can be easy to use, but are error prone, inefficient and break down at scale.
  • Lastly, concurrent programming can be a hassle with complex threads and security locks.

Go manages to solve a lot of these problems that stagnate the creative development process. In addition to that, Go believes in code adaptability to keep up in a fast paced environment.

Why developers turn to Go?

The developers feel that it should be a simple task to take a basic design and build upon it in a seamless and natural way. Go is an opinionated language the developers created, provides a layout that ultimately saves you from all the time you would spend working through the complexities of building program. Go aims to be simple and let the compiler do the heavy lifting, which in turn makes you a more productive programmer.

  • Go development uses the concept of a workspace, which contains the source files (src), compiled binary files (bin) and packages (pkg).
  • Every Go application is made up of packages and, using a Java reference, programs use the main package as the default.
  • Unlike PHP, Ruby, Python etc, Go is a compiled language,which means source code (the code you write) is translated into a language that your computer can understand. Therefore before you can write a Go program, you need the Go compiler installed.
  • It does’t require a resource heavy IDE to be productive, instead you can use regular IDE (like Sublime or similar)

Google’s upcoming language GO is intended to make developers easy to write programs that get the most out of multicore and networked systems. Go Programming is the most appropriate tool of choice for forward thinking projects right from application virtualization to self hosted Git services. As it stands, Go is a more enjoyable, faster and productive tool for writing programming code than any other language available. If you are looking for a way to expedite the process of programming and simplify your tasks, then look no further than Go program.

Why is Yeoman getting popular? What all can a developer do with it?

Why is Yeoman getting popular? What all can a developer do with it?

Yeoman is an open sourced web development tool that has unleashed a new wave for developers. Today, in the web app world there is a current trend of using development tools that provide application framework. Yeoman is a web tool that embodies the current trend of the Indus try, and takes it to the next level! If you are a developer at any stage of experience this tool will come as a delightful surprise. Without a doubt this is one of the best innovations to come to web development in a long time. Since the Google/IO release of Yeoman in 2012, it has been regarded as an innovative step forward into the future of web developing.

There is a significant amount of excitement around Yeoman due to the streamlined experience of their less complicated take on modern webapp development. Essentially, the pace at which you can create anything from a simple project to a high caliber web application is impressively quick! In addition to that, Yeoman also allows you to automate the common cumbersome tasks of web developing. This is a development tool that packs a ton of awesome stuff in one package. You can build beautiful and bold designs unlike ever before. Yeoman has a host of features(many of them are open sourced) that are developer-friendly and make the process of developing a high quality web app less of a hassle.

For starters, Yeoman is comprised of “yo” and his helpful partners “Grunt” and “Bower.” These three tools are at the core of the Yeoman experience and enable the application to work at a speedy yet highly effective pace. The first tool “yo” is a web scaffolding tool, yo is a generator that prescribes scribes most of the work for you using tools and best practices to increase fluidity and productivity. The second is “Bower” which is a package manager that allows you to seamlessly multitask and manage all your projects dependencies. The last of the three core tools is “Grunt” which is essentially a task based command line tool for Javascript projects. Yeoman provides linting, quick and easy operation of essentials like coffeescript and sass/scss, CDNifying and automated JS/CSS.

Overall, it is likely to decrease your front end/back end workload, solving a lot of your time consuming problems. Yeoman acts as a kick starter generating infrastructures that get you up to speed on projects. All of the frustration and hours spent dealing with the intricacies of web building have been cut in half and your workload has been modernized with a “made simple” approach. One of the stand outs with this application is that work flow is more consistent. Yeoman really lets you get right down to writing code through optimizing a lot of the repetitiveness of web building.

Many skeptics feel like Yeoman may be a bit too much to process and an intimidating tool to wrap their heads around. Yeoman attests that they optimize the building process, making the experience efficient, simpler and overall more enjoyable. Google assures that the configuration process and the maintenance of the important “nuts and bolts” of web application are streamlined and made easy, this has never been done before to this level. What Yeoman does exceptionally well is serve as an automating tool, automation equals happiness for the developer. You are now backed by an experienced community of developers who save you time and frustration by alleviating you from many of the technical tasks that stagnate the creative process of web app building.

Yeoman also brings swagger and a popularity among the community that most development companies don’t experience; it is quickly becoming the People’s Champion and go-to tool for web development.

If you are still wondering why Yeoman is garnering the attention and praise from the developer community, the answer is simple – Yeoman embodies efficiency and accessibility. One thing is for sure, Yeoman is a step forward towards the future of web app development. “Work Less, Do More, and Make Awesome” is a quote from Addy Osmani who is a Developers Programmer Engineer at Google. This is what Yeoman stands for in the developer community.

By deciding to use Yeoman you are saying that you want more control at your hands. This is an application geared toward making the lives easier of the novice developer and the expert, while ensuring your overall creative experience is more enjoyable and efficient no matter how simple or complex the project is. Beyond the initial factors that make Yeoman popular today, what should be noted is its ability to enable the user to be more creative. With so much of the workload time reduced due to the streamlined process, Yeoman is more flexible, allowing you to do things at a fluid pace not quite seen to this level before. Improving productivity and creativity is what brings Yeoman to the forefront.