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How is the current job market for UI devs?

Know why many are turning to UI as their next career move.

User interface (UI) developers combine programming, psychology and creative design to craft intuitive controls for software and hardware. The UI developer’s mission is to create an interface that behaves as users would expect it to, facilitating a seamless and efficient user experience.

In the decade paving the way to 2020, a record number of organizations will dispatch new applications to pick up an upper hand in the undeniably cloud-based computerized world. Interest for skilled client interface designers will thrive in all programming-driven areas, including web, programming and portable application improvement.

According to several recruiters on indeed and dice, programmers who knows HTML5, CSS3, and the newer JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS and BackboneJS are in high demand with fortune 500 companies. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics takes note of that web engineer work is anticipated to grow an incredible 20 percent from 2012 to 2022, quicker than the normal for every single other occupation.

percentage change in web developer employment

What do front-end developers make?

Talking about pay rates, front-end web engineers have a standout amongst the most bankable expertise sets at work advertise today. As indicated by Glassdoor, the national middle compensation for front-end engineers beat more than $75,000. In businesses where the opposition for top tech ability is wild, the middle compensation can move above $100,000.

Where the jobs are?

Area assumes a noteworthy part in what you’ll at last gain as a front-end engineer. Indeed, as indicated by information from Payscale, geographic area is the greatest variable influencing pay for front-end web engineers—much more so than experience.

The seven urban communities with the most elevated normal compensation for engineers are, from most to slightest dollars above normal: San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Chicago.

The most minimal? Charlotte, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Denver.

According to Glassdoor and Payscale, national median salaries look something like this:

job market for ui developers

While front-end devs may not beat the outline regarding pay, their part accompanies some one of a kind difficulties and opportunities. They work in association with everybody recorded above, giving them a more extensive part in the advancement process, and additionally the opportunity to make significant systems administration associations that can prompt other profession opportunities not far off. Salaries for UI Developers and related positions by experience, medium and specialization:

• User Interface Designer: $85,000
• User Experience Designer: $86,000
• Front-End Web Developer: $90,000
• User Interface Developer: $91,000
• iOS User Interface Developer: $93,000
• Android User Interface Developer: $96,000
• Lead User Experience Designer: $99,000
• Principal User Interface Designer: $101,000
• Senior User Interface Developer: $111,000

The time-based compensation for client interface designers ranges from $25 to $94 every hour, contingent upon the singular’s experience, geographic area, expertise set and portfolio. The particularly shot nature of client interface improvement means a nice number of agreement positions with month to month pay. The month to month UI designer pay scale ranges from $8,600 to $9,700 every month. As obvious, builders have a tendency to make a higher per-unit wage than full-time representatives, in lieu of the strength and advantages of full-time work.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, UI developer employment is expected to explode by 30% from 2010 to 2020, generating upwards of 275,000 new jobs in the U.S. alone. Candidates in this field will find job openings across all employment types; UI developers with a mercenary spirit can hire out their skills to the highest bidder on a contract or project basis, while those seeking the benefits and stability of a full-time position will find ample opportunities to go this route.

Brilliant organizations comprehend that the UI is bleeding edge of the web shopping knowledge, and will seek after talented and qualified engineers in like manner. Designers with involvement in the main e-business content administration frameworks (CMS, for example, Magneto, WordPress, osCommerce and OpenCart, will be all around situated to gain by this interest). Due to rapid growth of the Internet and mobile computing, and recent advances in software and hardware capabilities, UI development job openings outnumber the pool of qualified professionals, otherwise known as an IT skills gap.

Bottom line

Appeal, solid pay rates, and heaps of adaptability make front-end advancement an awesome decision for a vocation, whether you’re simply beginning your expert life or setting out on another section. In case you’re contemplating rolling out an improvement, be mindful that there’s a long way to go.

7 Things Every UI Developer Should Have

7 Things Every UI Developer Should Have

To be a successful UI developer in today’s world there are a few things that every aspiring developer should probably take into consideration. From problem-solving skills to a efficiency in HTML and CSS, this article will explore the seven basic skills every UI developer either has or is working towards developing.


UI developers should have exceptional problem-solving skills. In the world of coding, programming and web design; UI developers see lots of things in the project that go wrong. It is important that UI developers hone their abilities to solve problems quickly and efficiently in order to solve any type of issue they may face. They should have analytical and logical thought process. When problems are bit more complex or require some work to solve, they should be able to comprehend requirements, analysis, understand and fix them in a short time duration. Solving problems can be amazing learning experiences and will make developers even better at whatever they do.


Every UI developer should have proficient or advanced knowledge in the following tools and technologies – HTML, Graphic design knowledge, CSS, javascript, Jquery, Adobe Photoshop, and CMS (like wordpress /Adobe CQ5). Again these are not all the programs a typical UI developer may know, but they would set you off to a great start. Aspiring UI developers who are not proficient in these programs should master these skills before thinking about moving forward. Typical UI duties on the job would require knowledge of these, as they are important for the overall look, feel, and behaviour of a product or a design.


Communication skills may be just as important as problem-solving skills. It is very useful to avoid requirement mismatch or communication gap errors. If a UI developer is able to communicate through a wide range of mediums, orally, written, through animation, or through coding, whatever that medium may be its vital that aspiring UI developers know how to communicate effectively using it. As always communicating effectively is not just about being able to confidently express your ideas or issues about a certain product. It’s also about being completely receptive to criticism and feedback and using it as a tool of motivation to improve upon your skills and overall yourself.


UI developers typically should have a solid set of researching skills in their back pockets. Researching and understanding users is something UI developers frequently do while working on a product or design. Creating an accessible application is not just the responsibility of developers. Rather, they need to keep an eye on new techniques, frame works, and tools to improve the application. They should be able to quickly experiment a new framework by creating a POC (Proof of concept) to see if such new framework/library fits their application. This helps UI developers focus on the key development issues to get the details of application improvement & scalability.


Collaboration skills are the next set that are crucially important for all those aspiring to be a great UI developer. At times UI designing can be incredibly challenging and is difficult, if they have no support. Collaborating with others, whether it be co-workers or other established UI designers at other companies, can be a significant help to UI developers to do the job better or faster than a lone worker. Collaborating with backend team or any other cross functional teams is turning out to be a key part of UI developer job duties. Improves project team morale, spirit and enthusiasm. Happy workers are more productive As developers collaborate, they get to know each other better, and they gain a better understanding of individual working style which saves time and energy. It also allows them to solve problems together, thus speeding the process of finishing a task.


This is a basic skill that every aspiring UI developer should have. There are many human factors that should be considered for the design of a successful user interface websites in terms of development factors, visibility factors and acceptance factors. Here is the list of things that must be taken into consideration: human abilities, clear conceptual model, navigation, page layout, typography, headings, links, text appearance, color and texture, images, animation, audio and video effects etc. By taking care of these characteristics, UI developers can effectively improve the performance of the website. Ease of information presentation by reducing number of clicks will effectively help increase the site productivity, while maintaining a consistent, appealing brand image.


As a UI developer or designer, portfolio is an essential piece to show up actual samples of their work. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate a curated selection of their best pieces of work. If done right, UI-developers portfolio will give a huge advantage among rest of applicants. This allows employers and client’s know more about UI developers work ing standard and quality of their work. Overall, the portfolio should reflect UI developers professionalism and creativity to capture viewers attention.

These are the few findings that a UI developer should at least be aware of when programming user interfaces. Thus, creating a good User Interface is a preplanned, well-determined, usercentric and purposeful process which needs keen attention to place everything right. Many developers have seen tremendous benefit particularly in development time savings and reduced UI defects. This will help UI-developers to effectively set them off on the right path.