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CI/CD Case Study

CICD Case Study


Continuous Delivery is mainly related with the DevOps movement and the practice of continuous deployment. There are many case studies that fall into this sweet spot. If you want to see more companies talk about their journey, check out the videos from the DevOps Enterprise Summit. It’s important to note that continuous delivery has been widely adopted by many web companies, the techniques described in this article can be used in all sorts of domains—essentially, anywhere where your software development capability is considered as a strategic asset.


Like many companies, “Company A” has also used the cloud since day one. The company has always used the cloud as a flexible way to spin up the servers and to store the data. The targets set by the company leadership were to improve developer productivity by a factor of 10, so as to get material off the critical path for product development and can reduce the expenses. The company has three high-level goals:

  • Creating a single platform to support all the devices.
  • Increasing the quality and reducing the amount of stabilization required prior to release.
  • Reducing the amount of time spent on planning.
  • The key elements in achieving these goals was implementing continuous delivery, with a particular focus on:
  • The practice of continuous integration.
  • Significant investment in test automation.
  • Creating a hardware simulator so that tests could be run on a virtual platform


Developers now have consistent environments in which deploy code for the company’s applications. By using Amazon Cloud, the team has saved money and improved the end-user experience. With Amazon Cloud the company has better access to data, more agile, and they can get feedback on product performance in days