Microsoft Azure Hdinsight upgrades


The HDInsight service is a type of implementation of Hadoop that runs on the Microsoft Azure platform. HDInsight is completely compatible with Apache Hadoop because it is built on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

Microsoft implements Hadoop as a service as it has several advantages:

  • A user can quickly deploy the system from a portal or through Windows PowerShell
  • scripting, without having to create any physical or virtual machines.
  • A user can implement a small or large number of nodes in a cluster.
  • The HDInsight service works with input-output technologies from Microsoft or other vendors.
  • The user only pays for what they use.


Microsoft Azure is a cloud service provided by Microsoft. One of the services offered is HDInsight, an Apache Hadoop-based distribution which runs in the cloud on Azure.

Creating an HDInsight cluster is brisk and easy. Log-on to Azure, select the number of nodes, name the cluster, and set permissions. The cluster will be available on demand, and once the job is completed, the cluster can be deleted but the data will remain in Azure storage. Having the data securely stored in the cloud before, after, and during the process gives HDInsight an edge compared with other types of Hadoop deployments.


Microsoft has announced a number of updates to Azure HDInsight that makes Hadoop enterprise ready in the cloud. Azure HDInsight is Hadoop and Spark cloud services from Microsoft. It is now offering the security capabilities for cloud Hadoop solution, Big Data query and speeds the approach of data warehousing performance, and new notebook experiences for data scientists in the latest Hortonworks Data Platform 2.5 and Spark 2.0 platform.

Advanced security features: New security features such as authentication and encryption for data protection will give the user an increased level of security for authentication, authorization, and encryption.

According to Microsoft, LLAP (Live, Long and Process) allows the data to stay in a constricted format while running in-memory to deliver a better performance boost for Big Data queries.

New features in Azure HDInsight includes integration with Azure active directory, which is Microsoft cloud hosted directory and identity management service.

Azure HDInsight also supports Apache Kafka and works with Spark and Apache storm to give a solution for a large and fast stream of data which is ideal for a wide variety of IoT scenarios.

Microsoft also collaborated with Simba to deliver an ODBC driver for Azure HDInsight which can be used for world-class BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and QlikView. Also, it allows the business analysts to gain insights over a Big Data using their own choice of tool.


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