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UC Davis web development certificate program

The IT sector is thriving very fast, and the demand for web developers and IT professionals continues to rise. In response to this growing demand, UC Davis Extension has launched a new online web development certificate program designed to provide students with the core skill set necessary to succeed in almost any IT environment. It is designed in partnership with national employers like (Amazon, Google, and Hewlett-Packard), Robert Half Technology and highly regarded UC Davis Computer Science faculty. This program delivers exactly the skills which are needed for an employer.

The web development certificate program is an in-depth foundational program that will prepare students for fulfilling, long-term careers in web development. The program covers all the functionalities of web development from programming to databases from both client to server side, allowing students to fully understand and execute web development using trending technologies and languages. Courses have strong applied focus, with an emphasis on project-based assignments, ensuring that students build a portfolio that demonstrates their ability to create dynamic and modern websites.

Designed for professionals like you:

This in-depth programming designed for the people who are interested in learning current technologies and tools used to develop and design websites for professional or personal use. Individuals with less or no experience in web development or those looking to brush up their skills like web professionals, graphic designers, and multimedia designers who are looking out to change their careers or excel in their current position will get benefited from this program.

Learn where ever and whenever you want:

This program is designed by the award-winning educational design team at UC Davis Extension, this online program offers high-quality instructions from industry experts in an engaging multimedia format that leverage screencasts and interactive graphics to illustrate key concepts.

UC Davis web development certificate program consists of five courses; they are as follows,
Creating functional websites:

Design and build your own professional and attractive web pages. In this course you can learn the basics of hypertext mark-up language(HTML), how to write code in HTML and how to work with HTML editors. Discover how to construct your own web pages by using the concepts involved in CSS and HTML, including fundamentals such as lists, menus, hyperlinks, images, forms, tables, frames, and other customizable parts.

Web programming with JavaScript:

Once you are keen with the concept of building static web pages then learning JavaScript is the next step in creating dynamic interactions with your web pages. Because JavaScript is built into web browsers, there is no need of installing extra software tools. Learn the introduction of JavaScript and discover how to create usable, interactive pages that can respond to the web browser and user input. Examine the techniques for controlling the web browser and user environment. Although a programming background is helpful it is not a requirement for learning the powerful features of JavaScript. This is not specifically a programming course, students will learn a great deal about programming while learning JavaScript.

Server side scripting with PHP:

Transform basic websites into interactive experiences with server-side scripting languages. Server-side scripting languages allows a user to create dynamic web pages driven by programming logic, data from databases and server files, or content based on user input. This course makes you learn PHP, which is the most common programming language, to create interactive web pages

Database design, development, and management

Learn the basics of modern database terminology, architecture, design, and creation, as well as how to access the stored data. Acquire the skills to describe the functions of a database management system and its internal components, and construct logical data models for the implementation of a specific database requirement. Students also go through with the concepts like how to code simple SQL statements to create, retrieve, update, and delete data values stored in a relational database.

Creating web applications with AJAX

AJAX has been described as the special sauce that makes the web-magic really happen. In reality, it is a combination of technologies working together to create highly interactive web content. AJAX combines HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and server side scripting to allow fully dynamic web page content without the need to reload the pages in the browser, including database-driven content. Learning AJAX combines the skills of learning HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, Database development and PHP is a complete package allowing the user to build any type of website.