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Difference between Solr and Elastic Search?

The choice to use Elasticsearch rather than Solr comes from features such as distributed searches and improved scale.

Elasticsearch is a REST based search engine powered by the Lucene library. Major features include:

  • Hit highlighting
  • Faceted search
  • Full-text search
  • Database integration
  • Rich document handling
  • Dynamic clustering


Solr refers to the main logical data structure as the collection, which is composed of many Shards.

A collection can have an exact copy of the Shard, called a Replica. You must develop a custom search component to index different document types.


An Index is the term used for the top logical data structure, which can have multiple Shards.

Lucene indices is the term for Shards and Replicas. Allows multiple document types in a single Index, which allows you to index different index structures in one place.Different types of documents can be separated and indexed when querying.