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Python vs Ruby on Rails

Technology has gained a fast pace with new advanced tools and languages enabling developers to build rich internet-based applications. There are various backend, or server-side languages, which help developers in many ways. But Ruby and Python are two languages that are very popular in modern web development. Many get confused while choosing the programming language for their projects, whether to go for Ruby on Rails development or Python. So in this article, let us first understand what these technologies are all about and how better they provide an edge over other frameworks.

Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework and programming language that is designed for rapid development. It is observed that many web developers are switching to this for their web development procedures. As we all know Ruby is an application development programming language and Rails is the framework that the language works on, it is ideal for businesses that hold large amount of data. Ruby on Rails makes complicated websites easy to develop and in turn makes developers spend less hours in writing code.

Ruby programming language allows developers build a completely functional website within a short period. The main features of RoR is based on migrations, attractive layouts, validations, filters, helpers and view generators. Generally, most useful tools used by Ruby on Rails and other web developers are SASS, HAML, YAML, S3, EC2 and Asana etc. You have to use the ROR platform to select executing projects using J Ruby or any other type of native Ruby interpreter on your system.


In recent years, Python is widely used for faster development of high level programming language. Specifically, a working knowledge of Python can be a solid foundation because Python’s methodologies can be used in a broad range of applications. Python comes with extensive standard libraries, and has a powerful datatypes such as lists, sets and dictionaries. These really helps you to organize your data. It is taking over as the general purpose language used to demonstrate concepts, provide a common vocabulary, and to glue together systems created in other languages.

So what is it about Python that is driving its adoption?

  • Ease of Learning, Ease of Use
  • Free and Open source
  • High level language
  • Portable – All Python programs can work on any of the platforms without requiring changes.
  • Object oriented pragramming

As an object-oriented language, Python aims to encourage the creation of reusable code. Even if we write perfect documentation all the time, code can hardly be considered reusable if it’s not readable. Many of Python’s features, in addition to its use of indentation, conspire to make Python code highly readable.

Let’s look at general differences between Ruby and Python languages. The comparison given below gives a clear insight of their advantages: and disadvantages in Web application development:

python vs ruby on rails
Final Verdict:

From this comparison of Python and Ruby, it is clear that the demand of Python in the market is slightly higher. You can choose any one of them. Python and Ruby On Rails are both excellent programming languages and both are widely adopted. But among these languages about which is more powerful depends on the intended application. Both are very complete and resourceful. The learning curve of Python is relatively easy when compared to Ruby On Rails. Python has got much better support for higher order programming, functional programming and, more debateably, meta-programming. Ruby on Rails does some things better than python, as multi-threading. At the end, you should test both and make your choice.