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Top 5 In-Demand Programming Languages of 2017

When you do a simple web search, you’ll find hundreds of programming languages in existence. When you search for the most popular ones, you’ll come up with a head-spinning list. To be as objective as possible, in this article we’re examining the top programming languages from a career perspective. So, let’s dive deep in and see the top in-demand programming languages of this year.


Java is one of the most adopted programming languages and it is used by nine million developers and running on seven billion devices globally. It was designed to be a language that could run on any device, hence it is used for software development for computers, smartphones, and even for smart televisions.

The TIOBE programming community index places Java as no. 1, occupying a total of 20.79% from a list of 50 programming languages and it has known a 63% growth on GitHub by a number of pull requests in the last twelve months.

We all know, Java is the worldwide most popular language, according to the PYPL – Popularity of Programming Language Index. Even though the tech community celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Java, this programming language is going to continue to dominate the job market in 2017.


Python is a widely used high-level programming language. Python is the language of the moment and chosen as a starter language in university courses around the world. Python continued to grow in pop ularity in 2016 and moved up two places in our rankings to be the second-most common lan guage by job posting. Python is a general purpose programming language that em phasizes code readability and increases developer productivity, used for desktop apps, web apps, and data mining. On October 2016, Microsoft launched the beta version 2.0 of its Cognitive Toolkit open source deep-learning framework, which includes support for Python.


Although JavaScript slipped down one place in’s ranking as compared to 2016, the number of job postings remained almost the same.

JavaScript is popular, powerful, and dynamic scripting language that is used to create amazing websites and games for the web. It derives much of its syntax from the C language. JavaScript is compatible across all the browsers, and it is being used in over 90 percent of all web pages. In recent years, JavaScript has also gained use as the foundation of Node.js, a server technology that among other things enables real-time communication. In 2016, compatibility and adoption of JavaScript 6 continued to grow and progressive web applications became more usable, allowing offline-first functionality for web apps.


“C Sharp” saw a small increase in popularity in 2017, but not enough to keep it from falling behind C++.

C Sharp is a simple, modern, type-safe, and object-oriented programming language, which is developed by Microsoft. The language is intended for use of developing the software components suitable for deployment in distributed environments. It is used in many number of applications such as .NET. Since the release of the .NET Core open-source development platform in June 2016, it can be used now on non-Windows machines too. Several features in C# 7.0 were released last year, including language support for Tuples, pattern matching, local functions, and much more.

iOS Family

Most of the developers writing code for the iOS operating system by using Objective-C, C, or Apple’s new Swift programming language. We counted the job postings that included “iOS”, and in our ranking, we have observed the change from 2016. Swift launched in 2014 and it has climbed rapidly in popularity due to its scalability, speed, ease of use, and strong demand from the mobile app marketplace. Apple released Swift 3.0 in Sept 2016 with new features including better translation of Objective-C APIs, modernizations of debugging identifiers and a new model for collections and indices. Apple is planning to release Swift 3.1 and Swift 4 in 2017.