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Focus on Kendo UI

Focus on kendo ui

The Web has been transforming since a very long time, and now the web demand is rich for interactive web applications. For developing that kind of applications, a developer needs a broad range of developer tools in their toolbox. In this article, we are going to learn about Kendo UI which is a new and intriguing JavaScript tool set.


Kendo UI is a “JavaScript framework for building modern and interactive web applications”. Now-a-days, people expect rich interactive and fluent websites. In order to achieve that, a developer must make good use of available client-side technologies, which Kendo UI does for you.


Kendo UI provides an extensive collection of rich UI widgets, these are HTML 5 controls based on jQuery and it is supported by all current browsers. It has different categories of UI widgets:

Web – These are widgets for web and touch enabled desktop development. It consists of a fully featured grid with paging, sorting, filtering, and custom templates, tree view, rich text editor, and many more.

DataViz – They are also called as Data Visualization widgets. This is used for development of desktop and mobile websites. These are usually used for representing data which includes charts and gauges.


Easy Setup: Now the question may arise that why Kendo UI and why not the other available tools. Here’s the answer, firstly, Kendo UI provides all the tools you need in one package. There is no need of installing half a dozen libraries to make your web look better. It also provides different parts of the toolset to work more efficiently.

MVVM: Kendo UI also provides MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) framework which enablesdeclarative binding and two-way data synchronization in your web application.

Performance: Kendo UI has been designed from the ground level to the top with performance in mind and there are no shortcuts used along the way, thus this has resulted in an extremely performing toolset.

Support: Kendo UI is a product of popular vendor, others have community support for their product where as, Kendo UI has a proper professional support.

Easy to Learn: Kendo UI uses common JavaScript language, so that it is easy for any JavaScript developer to get started. It provides ready-to-use applications saving your time to include the needed Kendo UI libraries and set up the components in your app.


Browser support is decisive when choosing any type of web tool, there is nothing bad than finding a perfect tooling for the solution. Kendo UI has been designed with a lot of intelligence to support majority of browsers and browser versions. Kendo UI is supported on:

*Firefox 10.0+
* All versions of Chrome
* Opera 10.0+
* IE 7.0+
* Safari 4.0+

With the broad support of Kendo UI, a user can be confident that whosoever is accessing the website can get the view the user intended.


Creating useful and attractive websites for today’s audience has become a crucial task than ever before Kendo UI web development shows the user how to add the latest web features to your website. The experts have created a fully supported code library that makes the user focus on what makes their site special.