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What is Dynatrace and how does it work?

Dynatrace is one of the APM tool which meant for collecting application performance metrics and extend its capability to monitor at an instance level.

To elaborate with an example, consider you developed one web application (application could be of any type, this is just for example), and you want to know how my application’s health is – like how much time is taken for one click “submit” button from user interface.

Apart from giving you full response time of a transaction (if properly configured) but would also give you at code level (diagnostic) which method is consuming more time in processing the request.

Adding to above, you can set thresholds and instruct it to send you mail (or create tickets) and inform you if something goes beyond the normal.

How does it work?

Dynatrace server should be installed on your system and it consists of host and agent . It has a dashboard

through which we can diagnose our system on one place.

Our server can easily interact with other agent if we want , for that we have to run some command through terminal and then we can easily watch the user interaction and also we can customize the time.

Benefits of Dyntrace

For Testing you should have lot of data and through which you can check your system health such as CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Utilization,Storage Problems

We can also look into the problem which are captured in dynatrace and then we can resolve those.

With the help of Dynatrace, developers and testers can ensure that their application works fast and is reliable.

We can capture the issues before client complains about the same.