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Internet is a medium which evolves constantly and it is very hard to believe that CSS is nearing release of version 4. CSS4 has emerged as a buzzword in web technology arena with CSS Working Group’s release of first working draft on the same. World Wide Web Consortium, the governing body that oversees the development of web standards is already plotting the future of CSS with CCS4. Although CSS4 will not replace CSS3, the work on specifications will go on parallel with CSS3 modules. There are many innovative proposals in CSS4 including parent selector, UI states pseudo classes, reference combinators, logical combinations and namespaces. It has been reported that there is a proposal for responsive design in CSS4 and it will let a web developer apply preload states for slow connections.

Cascading script sheet is another much talked about feature of CSS4 and it will be extremely useful for enhancing interaction. According to seasoned web developers, CSS4 technology uses unobtrusive and function style syntax. CLISS (Command Line Interface Styling Script Sheet) is another best feature and it follows a very similar syntax to the CSS. Another fascinating attraction of CSS4 is proper email styling support and it is almost similar to CSS3. With the introduction of this web technology, some old properties have been reintroduced and some are introduced for the first time.

Parent Selector

Parent selector allows a web designer to style a parent element based on its child element and it is one of the favorite selectors of passionate web developers.

Reference Combinators

Reference combinator consists of two slashes in between CSS qualified names and these slashes are used to define the association between two compound selectors.

Location Pseudo-Classes

CSS4 has added few interesting pseudo classes to handle links such as :any-link, :local-link, :target, :scope, :link and :visited.

UI States Pseudo Classes

CSS4 introduces a set of UI states that will allow us to style elements depending on their user interface state. :enabled, :checked, :default, :valid and :invalid are the pseudo classes introduced in CSS4.

Logical Combinations

New logical combination pseudo class called: matches ( ) is one of the innovative attractions of CSS4.

It is learnt that some more features will be added to CCS4 very soon and they will undoubtedly make the experience of web developer easier. Variable declaration feature in CSS4 will reduce the amount of code redundancy experienced in previous versions of CSS4. It is brand new and no web browser actually supports these features of Cascading Style Sheet 4 yet. As CSS4 is built on CSS3, it is desirable to continue mastering CSS3, its features and applications.

As CSS4 is a work in progress, many of the new features may be removed in a later stage. As per industry reports, its new media features will probably include script, pointer, hover and luminosity. When CCS3 was introduced, neither its developers nor others thought that it would become so popular. It is perceived that the same miracle will happen in the case of CSS4 too. Web developers are quite fascinated by the elegant features of CSS4 and they are eagerly anticipating for its official release.