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Amazon Mobile Hub

Amazon Mobile Hub is a mobile service, which lets you to build, test, and monitor usage of mobile apps swiftly with no trouble. It permits the users to integrate various AWS services to user’s mobile application in matter of some clicks. Once the app is ready, Mobile Hub allows the user to test the app on real devices as well as make use of analytics to track usage of the app.

Mobile Hub also allows users to focus more on the application building rather than oncentrating on the infrastructure build.

AWS Mobile Hub comprises a variety of tools, including tools to track application analytics, manage end-user access and storage, set up push notifications, deliver content, and build back-end services.

Another major advantage about Mobile Hub is that there is no limit to the number of projects the user can do with it. The pricing is also as per the pay-as-you-go scenario. Some of the global corporations that use Mobile Hub include, Bustle, Netflix, Yelp, HP, Etsy, Earth Networks, HTC, and Ticketmaster.



To start using AWS Mobile, the user can go ahead with their own app or browser through Amazon AWS starter kits and select a fully functional app with pre-configured backend and front end.


AWS Mobile Hub acts as the reliable platform where the user can configure AWS services. Information about all the services will be saved in a cloud configuration file in the backend.


AWS Mobile SDK lets you access all the AWS services you need. Configure the SDK in your app with the help of the information in the cloud configuration file. The user can start a new project in AWS Mobile Hub and select the features provided within the integrated console.

Then the user can choose the destination platform, iOS or Android, and add additional information such as device tokens, registration IDs, create API keys to understand and recognize the user or application.

If needed, the user can also add the cloud logic. This would help when the user need to call the cloud functions from the mobile app directly. Cloud functions can also be created to connect the app to several other software resources. By configuring Amazon API gateway and AWS Lambda, it is possible to execute cloud functions.

Select and configure all the features needed to build the app, and then start with the project. Once the Mobile Hub is activated, it generates a source package that can be downloaded and used.

The app that is built with the Mobile Hub can be used as a starter app, and more updates and modifications can be made from there.

AWS Mobile Hub help the developers to easily build B2C, B2E, and B2B mobile apps. Some of the features required for enterprise apps in specific include agility, security, scalability, ease in developing and deploying, identity management, user engagement, and insights.


Mobile app development for organizations can be a complex task, but this can be simplified with the help of AWS Mobile Hub. The entire process of building, testing, and monitoring applications can be flattened out with the combination of Cognito, Device Farm, Lambda, and other major services.

Now the entire organization workforce can complete their tasks through their mobile devices and elude all the complex steps they had to endure earlier, and this includes reduced coding.