Top 3 Websites and Why?

Now-a-days the internet is home for millions of websites around the world, but some websites are visited most frequently and they become popular websites. In this article, we have scoured the internet and we brought you the top most popular websites around the world. People use websites for improving their knowledge, development, shopping, social media, and entertainment. Major criteria for selecting top three websites include feedback received from millions of internet users, direct measurement of web traffic and scanning of public websites by web crawlers. Yahoo, Amazon, and YouTube are reported to be the top three websites of today. So, explore this topic and know about the most popular websites of today.

Yahoo! is probably one of the best search engine in the contemporary era. What makes Yahoo! extremely popular among internet users is the fact that it is perfectly made for website and search engine optimization. Since, 2013 Yahoo ranks as the most-visited website in the US. According to the new data from analytics firm ComScore, Yahoo! had more than 195 million unique visitors from desktop computers. There are so many factors in the list that made Yahoo! most popular. The web portal provides content including the latest news, current affairs, entertainment, sports, and it also gives users quick services for other Yahoo! services like “Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Groups, and Yahoo! Messanger” etc. Yahoo! also provides services globally in more than 20 languages. It also provides social networking services and user generated content such as, “Yahoo! Personals, Yahoo! Flick, Yahoo! Buzz”. Yahoo! also partnered with hundreds of leading content providers to present media content, news, and information. Other than that Yahoo! Inc also provides services called Yahoo! Answers, where users can ask their questions and also they can express their opinions. And also visitors, can answer others questions. It also allows the visitors to give the ratings for the best answers which automatically comes on the top. Yahoo! Also offers mobile services for emailing, instant messaging, and mobile blogging.

Let’s talk about the second most popular website:

Amazon: is a company that is tied up with the phenomenon called e-commerce. The founder of the company Jeff Bezos broke the rules of the book business by using the internet rather than using conventional news channels. The company has grown from a basic bookseller to a virtual Wallmart of the web selling products, which consists of a varied range of products like music CD’s, office products, toys, games, electronic goods, hardware, software, food, cookware, apparel, health products, and much more. The company has also grown at an enormous rate.

Sources of competitive advantage: Maintaining and elaborating operational efficiencies is the key to a sustainable competitive advantage of The ability to offer shopping convenience, wide selection, ease of navigation, discounted pricing, and reliability of order fulfillment are all tied up directly to the company’s logistical competencies. also aims to ship 95% of their products on the ordered date.’s market success totally depends on its ability to maintain and grow it’s customers base by knowing and serving the customers better than its competitors and providing a higher level value added differentiation in customer service. The value added services, delivery of products, quality, and reliability made amazon, the users first choice.

The third most popular website on the internet:

Youtube: The reason for the huge popularity of Youtube is because, a user can learn various things by just watching a simple video. People can choose from an unlimited number of videos available and YouTube allows registered members to post an unlimited number of videos on their website. Registering for a YouTube account is free and it will take only a few minutes. It is relatively easy to upload videos in YouTube and it is one of the major reasons for its popularity. According to a new study by Finland’s Aalto University, music is the most popular YouTube content by several measures.

Lyrics and still videos rank highly in YouTube search results and analysis by Aalto University found three primary music video types including traditional, user appropriated and derivative music videos. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of YouTube content indicates the support they receive from the audience. YouTube users are happy with music with rolling lyrics, cover versions and parodies of authenticated content. YouTube has experienced explosive years of growth and average visit times of YouTube at mobile are at 40 minutes at a session. Changing digital behaviour among youngsters is pointed as the major reason behind the popularity of YouTube.

YouTube also grows into a social network on its own and available statistics indicates that Google-owned YouTube is the second most used app in the USA with over 977 million users. YouTube permits users to make use of WebM, H.264, MPEG-4 AVC, and Adobe Flash Video technology to display a variety of user-generated and corporate video. YouTube has created a new era of history in video hosting service arena and “broadcast you” is relevant and meaningful motto of them. YouTube offers a new world of visual elegance showcased in a colourful palette to their viewers.

Final Thought:

In the ultra-competitive world of Internet, many websites have come and gone over the years. The above listed top three websites in the world have remained virtually unchanged for quite a while now.

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