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Adopting HTML5 as early as possible makes a lot of sense and many in the industry point to HTML5 development as the only viable option for cross-platform development. As the latest, most advanced and in-demand mobile app development and mobile web development platform, HTML5 not only improves the user experience and interface, but also significantly improves the experience, from a development standpoint, of creating mobile apps and mobile web pages.


CSS3 provides advanced capabilities for creating custom user interfaces. With CSS3 support in HTML5 Builder, you can set and customize CSS3 properties for each user element. HTML5 Builder also offers an intuitive visual interface for creating CSS3 animations and generates CSS3 code that can be viewed and edited in the Code Editor. Using CSS3, we can create the most stunning visual effects and animations.


Pro-Tek has long experience in providing top-notch and extensive AngularJS development services. Angular is the popular MVC framework that has caught the attention and most preferred platform to build applications. Each tool in AngularJS was designed to work with every other tool in an interconnected way. This framework avoids you to get rid of unstructured code. Angular simplifies the application development process by abstracting a lot of the internal complexity and it can be easily extended to incorporate functions needed to develop particular applications.