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HTML5 is one of the most powerful and feature-rich tools to develop web and mobile applications. We are experts in building cross platform apps with HTML5. We focus on developing the right features for your app perfecting the user experience by offering apps to varying screen sizes, resolutions. Using Html5, you can bring in the best experience possible that runs everywhere, taking advantage of device capabilities to deliver rich robust features.

At Pro-Tek, we develop websites using features such as enhanced context menus, direct-mode graphics canvas, advanced client-server communication channels, great semantics, embedded audio and video tags, various features for offline web applications, sandboxed iframes and scoped styling. HTML 5 offers dynamic user experience, responsiveness, and seamless usability across different browsers and devices with a lot of attractive features. HTML5 has predefined APIs like GeoLocation, Webstorage, indexDB and so on. From the list of APIs, the developers can program their Web applications as per their requirement and the situation that best fits to their clients’ scenario. HTML5 makes it easier to create feature-rich Web-based applications and helps reduce the functionality gap between mobile websites and apps.