Cloud Application Development- Salesforce

Pro-Tek delivers value-based Cloud Computing services providing practical solutions to the challenges of business applications. In addition to this, we also develop a single custom application or a comprehensive Cloud strategy that integrates multiple platforms and applications. We can help you maximize the value of the Cloud and gain even greater competitive advantages by providing affordable, scalable solutions.

Pro-Tek has significant experience and capabilities in Cloud Computing, including projects implemented on Amazon EC2, Windows Azure and Salesforce platforms. Our experienced team focuses on helping you simplify your needs from business critical applications to your customized application. We offer Cloud Computing consulting development and back-up services, which enables you to reduce deployment times by up to 50%, improve flexibility, reduce costs, avoid capital expenditure, and many more advantages.

Cloud Computing for Data Centers


Cloud Computing for Networking


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Software Defined Networks- SDN

At Pro-Tek, we implement software defined networking to merge the network into the age of the cloud. This helps clients access networks easily and securely with right tools and technology. We deliver SDN solutions and a platform that creates interfaces between Cloud platforms and the virtual network. By using our software defined networking services you can modify and deploy new services for faster time to revenue. We design our solutions to provide cutting-edge capabilities by taking the best architectural innovations from the latest SDN applications and delivering them across trusted platforms and technologies. This makes it easy for you to adopt and start experiencing the benefits of SDN. Our solutions are designed for SDN, with support for network virtualization using the Cisco and VMware. The VMware network virtualization strategy centers completely on software, while Cisco SDN is hardware driven.