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At Pro-Tek, we bring some incredibly powerful styling features with CSS3. We design your website to look more attractive with rounded corners, soft drop shadows, gradient fills, and so on. CSS3 adds new capabilities or extends features defined in CSS2, preserving backward compatibility. Modern web applications are developed today using CSS3 to simplify and enhance visual design with less effort.

We create high end websites using CSS3 modules such as Selectors, Box Model, Backgrounds and Borders, Image Values and Replaced Content, Text Effects, 2D/3D Transformations, Animations, Multiple Column Layout and User Interface. At Pro-Tek, we take your design to the next level with CSS3. We help in creating a website with the CSS3 and get more features which are added to your web site. Whatever your requirements, large or small, we have a highly skilled development team who can produce simple business websites to highly complex solutions.