Analyse, Interact, Visualize - Any Data, Any Device

Pro-Tek has managed to combine the best in advanced analytics and data visualization to process data and deliver useful insights. Pro-tek provides a range of analytics services, from basic data management to sophisticated analytics consulting addressing proactive risk management.

By using Big Data analytics and Apache Hadoop you can extract only the relevant information from terabytes, petabytes and exabytes, and analyze it to transform your business decisions for the future. At Pro-Tek, we convert the vast data assets into actionable information, helping our clients measure, manage, plan and improve business activities. With the growing need to gather and analyze data, companies rely on our business analytics to make informed decisions and gain leading edge in the market.


Visualizing everything in one place gives you the richest insight you’ll ever see. Pro-Tek's interactive, web-based dashboards ensure you’re able to grasp information in the most meaningful way with advanced capabilities to filter and drill down along with a variety of data visualization tools.

Interact entirely with dashboards using any device, including all desktops, tablets and smartphones.

  • QlikView

    With QlikView , we build interactive reports that help you analyse the data and view your insights in no time. Our interactive tools will deliver value realizing significant operational savings and productivity benefits when it comes to managing large repositories of unstructured data. With our easy tools and a wide range of visualization options to choose from, you can take advantage of our quick interactive dashboards.

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  • Tableau

    By using Tableau, we turn your data into a valuable tool allowing for new opportunities to be identified. Tableau offers sharp, easy to use dashboards to help you make better decisions.We help clients create secured rich, interactive analyses and powerful dashboards with the right data.We create a Tableau integration strategy unique to your data needs.

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  • CustomView

    At Pro-Tek, we create customized and interactive dashboard that’s relevant to your business. Our graphical approach to data visualization includes composing custom views of data with simple graphical primitives like bars and dots. Pro-Tek provides the imagination, expertise, tools and services to create stunning custom visualizations to make your analytics vision into reality.

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    There is no need for you to use certain mobile platform in order to create the connected apps of the mobile. It can provide app solution for different mobile platforms like windows Phone, Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, HP WebOS, and Symbian including Bada. At Pro-Tek, we provide the best use of PhoneGap web technology and we help organizations build different mobile applications with the use of different platforms.